A New Generation of Fish Safe Nets

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“Proven to kill at a 99.9% rate within 24 hours”

In comprehensive tests overseen by government executive agency The Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (CEFAS), the BSafe technology has proven conclusively to wipe out 99.9% of the main UK bacterial fish killers within 24 hours. Thereby any product carrying the BSafe™ logo will undoubtedly assist in helping stop the spread of deadly bacterial diseases.

Using breakthrough technology, an active ingredient is engineered into the raw material used in the manufacture of nets and other angling products that could potentially transfer harmful bacteria. As patent-pending BSafe™ is built in at a molecular level, it remains permanently active, offering an automated defence system and peace of mind.

Now for the first time all anglers and manufacturers of angling products can play their part in protecting fish stocks for the future.

"Bacterial infections were found in more than 50% of all of the fish mortalities attended by the Environment Agency."

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“I have to say that the results are stunning – more than a 99% kill within 24 hours. And the beauty from a fish health care viewpoint is that it’s at work when the nets are still wet, exactly when problems are usually transferred.”

Jason Weeks
Professor of Environmental Risk Analysis at the University of Cranfield