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Because patent-pending BSafe™ is built into the end product at a molecular level, its use is not only restricted to net manufacture but can also be integrated into products such as weigh slings, stink bags and unhooking mats. In fact, the technology can be incorporated into any product.

It’s important to note that our ethos is to provide our pioneering technology to all manufacturers of angling equipment on a non-exclusive basis. This will bring the benefits to the greatest number of fisheries and the fish they support.

If you are an ANGLER wishing to use BSafe™ tackle to protect the fisheries you visit from the spread of bacterial infections, look out for products bearing the BSafe™ logo.

If you are a MANUFACTURER (or represent a manufacturer) of angling products and would like to know more about the BSafe™ technology and its application to any of your product range, please contact info@bsafeangling.com or use the contact form below.

If you are a FISHERY OWNER who would like to enquire about becoming a BSafe™ fishery (including possibly using our detecting technology to ensure any nets being used are genuine), please contact us using the form below.

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The Benefits


Permanently Active

Because BSafe™ technology is permanently active, the bacterial killing agent is always working for you at the surface of the product.

Can’t Be Washed Out

Because the active ingredient that kills the bacteria is built into the structure of the material at a molecular level, it is impossible to wash out and is continually working for you.


For the first time we are introducing a product to the market that can be easily detected using a hand-held device, which can be provided to fishery owners and fish farmers who insist on the use of BSafe™ products to protect their valuable fish stocks.

Kills On Contact

Laboratory test results undertaken using CEFAS supplied pathogens prove that BSafe™ starts killing harmful bacteria on contact and kills to a 99.9% efficacy rate within 24 hours. The results have been described as ‘stunning’ by experts.

Works When Wet, Works When Dry

BSafe™ is at work whatever the circumstances, which when it comes to nets crucially means it’s busy killing the harmful bacteria in a damp environment, the very situation which normally harbours the bacteria and contributes to their spread.

Odour Reduction

Initial field trials suggest that an added side benefit to BSafe™ is that it may also reduce the problem of your nets stinking!


BSafe™ products look, feel and work exactly as they normally would do – only with the added benefit that they are busy killing harmful bacteria as well.

Fish and Wildlife Friendly

Unlike net dips for instance there is minimal leaching of the active bacterial killing ingredient into the water, making BSafe™ more eco-friendly.

Healthier Fish Stocks

Using BSafe™ products gives you the secure knowledge and peace of mind that you are contributing to the health of our fish and fisheries by actively engaging in the prevention of bacterial transfer between fisheries.