Bacteria – The Hidden Fish Killer

Although headlines in the angling press tend to be dominated by notorious viral diseases like Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) and Spring Viraemia of Carp (SVC), the reality is that bacterial diseases such as Yersinia, Carnobacterium, Aeromonas are the real issue for many fisheries, killing tens of thousands of fish every year. Indeed bacterial infections were found in more than 50% of all of the fish mortalities attended by the Environment Agency in 2013.

Not only can bacterial infections lead to rapid fish kills; they can also weaken fish so severely that they fall victim to other ailments, particularly at critical times of the year when they especially vulnerable to infections. Once a bacterial infection strikes, a fishery owner is usually powerless to intervene and is forced to watch his precious stocks perish.

Irrespective of whether net dips are already in place, BSafe™ technology now offers an advanced tier of protection against bacterial transfer via nets and other accessories that come into contact with fish, thus removing the guesswork from fish health management. Your BSafe™ nets are always working away in the background, eliminating harmful bacteria, and tests suggest it will last as long as your net does.

Every fishery can benefit from the BSafe’s built-in process.

The protection BSafe™ technology brings offers foolproof, pioneering levels of automatic protection against bacterial transfers.



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