The Science Behind BSafe™

In partnership with globally renowned government Executive Agency The Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (CEFAS), BSafe™ identified the five main bacterial pathogens responsible for fish mortalities in the UK.

Using an independent ISO rated testing facility, and with CEFAS supplied pathogens, the laboratory was able to prove beyond doubt that that the BSafe™ technology killed 99.9% of the bacteria over a 24-hour period.

In layman’s terms this means that the technology kills the bacteria on contact, and thus is working instantly to help stop the spread of bacterial disease between fisheries. What’s more it is highly effective when wet.

Former CEFAS former veterinary pharmaceuticals programme director Jason Weeks, now Professor of Environmental Risk Analysis at the University of Cranfield, was involved in the testing of this new product from the start, and he is convinced BSafe™ represents an exciting breakthrough in stopping the transfer of disease between fisheries.

“Everyone thinks of KHV and SVC when it comes to fish deaths, but in truth these viral infections are responsible for only a small percentage of problems. The real killers of both salmonid and coarse fish species are bacteria. I have to say that the results are stunning – more than a 99% kill within 24 hours. And the beauty from a fish health care viewpoint is that it’s at work when the nets are still wet, exactly when problems are usually transferred.”

Jason Weeks, Professor of Environmental Risk Analysis at the University of Cranfield

Working With CEFAS

CEFAS was involved in early discussions about the product and undertook some initial testing but was unable to undertake the necessary ISO accredited tests. CEFAS was then involved in accessing the competency and capability of an industrial microbiological testing facility that was better equipped to handle the nature of the specific ISO tests required. CEFAS supervised the testing procedures and supplied the pathogens to be tested.

A CEFAS Spokesman said:

“After successful efficacy testing by the third party laboratory, CEFAS has been able to verify the results which demonstrated a significant Log reduction (in the number of pathogens present on the samples) for all tested bacterial fish pathogens. This means that all fish pathogens that came into contact with the test materials showed a significant reduction and inhibition in their numbers.

The results suggest that materials containing this active ingredient will significantly reduce the numbers of bacterial pathogens coming onto contact with them and that the product may contribute positively in preventing the spread of pathogenic fish diseases.”


The Benefits

Permanently Active

Because BSafe™ technology is permanently active, the bacterial killing agent is always working for you at the surface of the product.

Can’t Be Washed Out

Because the active ingredient that kills the bacteria is built into the structure of the material at a molecular level, it is impossible to wash out and is continually working for you.


For the first time we are introducing a product to the market that can be easily detected using a hand-held device, which can be provided to fishery owners and fish farmers who insist on the use of BSafe™ products to protect their valuable fish stocks.

Kills On Contact

Laboratory test results undertaken using CEFAS supplied pathogens prove that BSafe™ starts killing harmful bacteria on contact and kills to a 99.9% efficacy rate within 24 hours. The results have been described as ‘stunning’ by experts.

Works When Wet, Works When Dry

BSafe™ is at work whatever the circumstances, which when it comes to nets crucially means it’s busy killing the harmful bacteria in a damp environment, the very situation which normally harbours the bacteria and contributes to their spread.

Odour Reduction

Initial field trials suggest that an added side benefit to BSafe™ is that it may also reduce the problem of your nets stinking!


BSafe™ products look, feel and work exactly as they normally would do – only with the added benefit that they are busy killing harmful bacteria as well.

Fish and Wildlife Friendly

Unlike net dips for instance there is minimal leaching of the active bacterial killing ingredient into the water, making BSafe™ more eco-friendly.

Healthier Fish Stocks

Using BSafe™ products gives you the secure knowledge and peace of mind that you are contributing to the health of our fish and fisheries by actively engaging in the prevention of bacterial transfer between fisheries.