Testimonials & Case Studies

Bacterial diseases kill huge numbers of fish each year. The BSafe nets represent a huge technological advance… a simple, convenient expedient that virtually eliminates the transfer of dangerous bacteria via nets and allied equipment. For fishery owners it’s a no-brainer really because the in-built process works by itself to provide the best possible protection for fish and fisheries.

Bruno Broughton
Fisheries Management Consultant

Anglers move between fisheries not just in the UK but throughout Europe and anything that can help stop the spread of disease and protect our precious fish gets the big Des Taylor thumbs up from me. That news that the BSafe technology works when the nets are wet is fantastic.

Des Taylor
Big Fish Specialist

The huge success of The Glebe depends on responsible anglers abiding by simple, sensible rules, as well as the application of good fisheries management practices. I am understandably protective of my fish, and new products which help me achieve this are a significant aid.

Roy Marlow
Fishery Owner

Everyone thinks of KHV when it comes to fish deaths, but in truth KHV is responsible for only a tiny percentage of problems. The real killers are bacteria. The results from the BSafe™ tests are stunning – more than a 99% kill within 24 hours. And the beauty from a fish health care viewpoint is that it’s at work when the nets are still wet, exactly when problems are usually transferred.

Jason Weeks
Professor of Environmental RiskAnalysis at the University of Cranfield

This really does look like a great development for the sport that is sure to meet with favour from anglers and fishery owners as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what BSafe products come out to suit river fishermen.

Dave Harrell
River Match Specialist

The Angling Trust takes fish health and welfare very seriously and any product that can help protect fish from bacterial infection is very welcome. If the manufacturer’s claims are correct, then these nets could make a big contribution to stopping the spread of disease and helping to protect the sport that we all love.

Mark Lloyd
Chairman, The Angling Trust

I am lucky to have been party to the way the BSafe™ technology works and to the results of the rigorous testing programme. There is no doubting its credibility and in my opinion the launch of BSafe™ represents a major breakthrough in the ability to produce product that can help anglers, fishery owners and manufacturers contribute to safeguarding a healthy future for fish populations.

Gareth Purnell
Angling Media Analyst

Any initiative that helps protect fisheries and improve the welfare of fish stocks is most welcome. A flourishing angling trade is underpinned by ample, healthy stocks of fish for anglers to catch, and this technical advance will therefore have multiple benefits.

Naidre Werner
Chair of the Angling Trades Association (ATA)

As a match angler who fishes lots of venues I dread the thought of turning up to one of my favourite fisheries to find it closed due to a fish kill. Waters are rarely the same again. Anything that helps prevent the spread of killer diseases, as BSafe clearly does, should be adopted immediately by all manufactures of nets and by all anglers.

Mark Pollard
Match Angler & Shimano/Dynamite Baits Consultant